Friday, February 8, 2008

Your desing studio

What makes your potential client fill in the request form on your website? Here are just a few tips about what your website "should":

- load quickly;
- give the feeling of safety;
- be unique or at least differ from other design studios;
- have friendly navigation and request for a quote form on every page;
- have some pricing for the services you provide;
- have a brief description about the services your provide;
- have some good samples of your works;
- have testimonials;
- have a note that request is free;
- tell that you'll contact your client shortly

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Just gave a call to one of our designers to check what he was doing on a Saturday evening, here's the story. He got up at 2 pm, had a cup of copy. From 2 till 6 he was cutting images from the magazins to stick to the wall, and from about 6 till 7 he was sticking them :) Around 7 he made a burger and eat it browsing the web pages. Then he was planning to go play bowling and visit
the night club to look for inspiration, but ..... spent the evening in front of computer drinking beer :) Probably he's keeping to the diet, I'd better go and making something to eat... By the way, I love
reading books

Thursday, January 31, 2008

What makes a good morning

Spent half of the night yesterday reading marketingsherpas wisdom up tired keeping thinking how to apply all of it... What can make a good day when you feel like this? Just a yellow cup of coffee and the sun in my cup :) Hello world! Let's see what happens today :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where to start :)

Not sure where to start and what to write :) Blog is a great thing but you always have to post something interesting and new. Well, just a little bit about me and my website

About 2 weeks ago we launched a new design of our website. is a sister company of TemplateMonster, so while the template giant was growing, there was not much time to take care about look of our custom design project :) Now we can relax for just a little bit, we have a nice looking web presence and we have updated our portfolio with the latest works.

Before taking on this project I was working as the head of the sales dept at TemplateTuning and before that in the other custom design studio for over 4 years. I have to tell it was a little bit boring working at TemplateTuning...not because I don't like templates, I think that designers do great work..but you can imagine what it takes to listen about replacing logos, changing colors, adding customer company name every other day! It's not thaaaat bad but I love unique things. I love complicated projects and I love project planning, and I feel so happy at the day of the website launch :) I have favorite projects and not so favorite, I work with wonderful people but sometimes the customer can be a real beast :)

We have a magic room here in the office, where guys do illustrations. It's magic as sketches on the paper look so real and then they become live heroes! I love this work, it's full of energy, ideas, inspirations and sometimes boring project management :)